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About Sound Design

Sound Design offers high-end, custom A/V installation services for both residential and commercial purposes. We are committed to excellence, which is why we use first-rate products made by reputable manufacturers.

Will Howes, Owner

Our Owner

Will served in the US Navy as an electrician on the Aircraft carrier, The Abraham Lincoln. Shortly after his time in the military, Will graduated from Colorado Christian University with a degree in Business Management.

Will worked as an electrician for four years before realizing that his passion lay in the audio-video industry, a realization that would lead him to start his own Denver-based A/V company in 2000. In 2009, Will followed an opportunity and moved to Austin, where he would continue to learn about the latest technology in the A/V industry while continuing to grow his business.

It was not until 2018 when Will and his wife, Brooke, purchased Sound Design in Horseshoe Bay to grow
the business.

Fast forward to today, and Will is still very passionate about the industry and enjoys sharing his passion and knowledge with customers who want to learn more about new technology and how to design state-of-the-art “smart homes”.

Sophisticated Showroom

In 2008, Sound Design opened
the doors to our Horseshoe 
Bay showroom.

They say seeing is believing, and our state-of-the-art showroom speaks for itself. As an audio & visual company, we think it’s vital that you can see and hear what we have to offer. Experience what having a private home theatre with hidden speakers and a 188-inch screen would be like. Want to see what smart home integration looks like? Simply ask an expert for a demonstration.

Explore our two-channel room complete with turntables and speakers, or give our golf simulator a spin! Discover all the ways that we can amplify and transform your home or business.


Service Areas

Our coverage includes several areas in the state Texas and beyond. However, we are local to these 3 locations.

Our coverage includes several areas in the state Texas and beyond. However, we are local to these 3 locations.

Horseshoe Bay

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We partner with Beachifi as our exclusive internet provider in Horseshoe Bay.