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When it comes to upgrading the way you listen to your audio, Marantz has been a trusted name in the A/V world for over 50 years. From A/V receivers to wireless music systems and more, Marantz provides sound solutions to help you transform the audio in your home. When you are ready to amplify the way you experience sound in your home, Marantz products can help.

Marantz enhances the sound in your home. Want to upgrade the sound in your living room, game room, or home theater? Marantz products make that a possibility. For over 50 years, their top-tier products have delivered
superior sound.

At Sound Design, we only choose the most reputable and trusted brands for your home. When it comes to superior sound, we
trust Marantz.

We want your A/V home experience to be exceptional no matter how much or how little you want to amplify the sound in your home. Whether you want to change the way you listen to music or change the way you experience movies, Marantz products can deliver.

Marantz offers a full line of top-tier products that includes AV receivers, preamplifiers, power amplifiers, wireless music systems, Blu-ray Disc players, CD players, and other hi-fi components so you can receive superior sound throughout
your home.

A Difference You Can Hear
Looking for high-end, custom A/V installation for your home or business? At Sound Design, we are committed to excellence, which is why we only use first-rate products made by reputable manufacturers like Marantz. Marantz products can transform the way you listen to music, sports games,
movies, etc.

Whether you are a business owner looking to provide the best sound in your restaurant bar or a homeowner looking to upgrade your home theater with surround sound or distributed audio, our technicians can install the A/V system that you’ve always imagined with the help of
Marantz products.

Sophisticated Showroom

In 2008, Sound Design opened
the doors to our Horseshoe 
Bay showroom.

They say seeing is believing, and our state-of-the-art showroom speaks for itself. As an audio & visual company, we think it’s vital that you can see and hear what we have to offer. Experience what having a private home theatre with hidden speakers and a 188-inch screen would be like. Want to see what smart home integration looks like? Simply ask an expert for a demonstration.

Explore our two-channel room complete with turntables and speakers, or give our golf simulator a spin! Discover all the ways that we can amplify and transform your home or business.


Service Areas

Our coverage includes several areas in the state Texas and beyond. However, we are local to these 3 locations.

Our coverage includes several areas in the state Texas and beyond. However, we are local to these 3 locations.

Horseshoe Bay

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